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On 10-12 October it's time for SciFest in Uppsala's Fyrishov sports centre.

SciFest is science festival with a wide range of workshops, shows, competitions, researcher meet and greets, and lectures. Since 2020, the festival is co-organised by Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. On Thursday and Friday, school classes are welcome. Saturday is open to anyone

Here, curious people of all ages get a taste of the research being conducted, with laboratory work, current research questions and hands-on activities. SciFest wants to give children and school pupils the opportunity to discover just how much fun science is, and hopefully be able to sow a seed that leads young people to become interested in studying it more and maybe even become researchers.

Over all the years that the festival has been organised, SciFest has gathered almost 8,000 curious visitors over the three festival days. SciFest exhibitors come from schools, universities, companies, authorities, museums and organisations. The first days of the festival are dedicated to school pupils and teachers. On the final day, SciFest opens its doors to the public.

Two types of activities

  • Unbookable non-stop activity, surface2x3m, furnishing one table and two chairs, at least one wall.
  • Bookable workshop, surface 5x5m, furnishing two tables and 16 chairs, two or three walls.

Your planning

Workshop or non-stop?

  • If you organise an unbookable activity (non-stop, area 2x3m), you provide an activity that the visitor is open to interact with at any time during the day.
    In a bookable activity (workshop, area 5x5m), you offer workshop sessions at specific times, where school students can book in and get a deep dive into your field.
  • As an exhibitor at SciFest, you can participate with two different types of activities.

Between the workshop sessions and on Saturday, your activity works as a non-stop activity.

Deadline for registration.

By this date, you must have entered all the information about your activity in the booking system, a description of your activity, its times and whether your activity is bookable or non-bookable (non-stop). You then have time to design your activity.

Deadline for all practical tasks.

The SciFest team will, in due time, send out a request regarding your needs for electricity, grid connection, transport, food, etc.

Information on safety and regulations at SciFest

Joint transport of materials to Fyrishov, Uppsala.

Gather your strength because it's close. The door to SciFest 2024 opens on 10 October!

Do you have questions or want to exchange ideas?

The SciFest team is happy to help you! We involve both exhibition educators and communicators. Together we can work out an activity that suits your research at an early stage.


All fields of science

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For external exhibitors

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