Organisers, sponsors and partners

SciFest is arranged by SLU and Uppsala University and has several sponsors and partners.

SciFest provides an arena for several different actors to work towards a common goal. Companies and organisations work together with municipalities and universities on a concrete level. And we want to grow and become more.

Do you want to join us and cooperate?

Is your organization interested in becoming a financier or partner? Please contact us at


SciFest funders and partners in 2024:


Fyrishov and NTA (Naturvetenskap och teknik för alla).

The following organizations make it possible for certain school classes to take a chartered bus to the science festival: AFRY, Arronet, Atlas Copco, Clockwork, Erasteel, Forsmarks Kraftgrupp, Habia, Munters, Roslagens Sparbank, SKB, Tierps Miljö & Energi AB, Vattenfallgymnasiet and WHG.


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