Every curious person gets something to take away from SciFest!

SciFest wants to give teachers and students in middle school, middle school and high school inspiration and new experiences connected to science. Here, students get to experiment, play, try on and talk to real researchers. We hope that the children think that they too can become scientists when they grow up – that they see that our scientists are ordinary people.

What is so fantastic is that we can show widely different topics on the same floor because SLU and Uppsala University research so many different things. Our sponsors and other exhibitors also contribute to diversity. During a walk at SciFest, you can go from digging for fossils to programming Lego robots to searching for spruce bark drills and making your own history exhibit. It pops, bubbles and moves, the air is filled with joy and energy!

Over the years, we have had many exciting guests. On the SciFest stage, we've had Hans Rosling with us along with his toilet roll statistics, Uppsala University alumnus of the year Emma Frans has helped us separate science from nonsense, TV meteorologists Martin Hedberg and Pär Holmgren have explained climate change, we've had chemistry shows, biology shows , physics and laser shows, scientific wizardry, lectures and entertainment that have captured the interest of large crowds of visitors of all ages.

Another important part of SciFest is the teachers' evenings. Here we want to give teachers an exclusive opportunity to meet researchers and subject experts from a teacher's perspective. Over the years, we have talked about the importance of sleep for knowledge acquisition, climate anxiety among young people, teachers' and students' digital competences and about teachers' rhetoric in the classroom.

The selection at SciFest should provide inspiration for teaching based on a scientific basis. Here, the school can come into direct contact with researchers and make new contacts, as well as get exciting ideas and publications to work on at the school.

For us at Uppsala University and SLU, this is an excellent opportunity to let our researchers tell children and young people about their research. It can actually make them understand their subject even better - curious questions can also provide both new ideas and energy. A bonus effect is when researchers discover each other during the event and start new joint research lines to work on.


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