Goals and concept of SciFest

  • serve a smorgasbord of different scientific examples presented with enthusiastic pedagogy and to a large extent in the form of try-on activities
  • offer multifaceted activities with a high fun factor while maintaining the integrity of the scientific content
  • engage talented science communicators
  • appeal to a large and heterogeneous audience of mixed ages, backgrounds and interests
  • involve both universities, companies and authorities to showcase the breadth of activities where science is developed and useful and which can offer exciting work.
  • spread the message and awareness of the importance of science in our lives
  • give school students the chance to find something that interests them and overall give them a positive attitude to these subjects and to research
  • invite school classes to participate actively in the festival with their own workshops and thus feel that they have the opportunity to become the researchers of the future
  • give teachers new ideas for teaching and learning
  • invite the public so that children and adults can play, experiment, discover and understand together - shared experience is double the value!


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