About SciFest®

SciFest is a science festival with a wide range of workshops, shows, competitions, research meetings and lectures. The first SciFest took place in 2012 and was arranged by Uppsala university. From 2020, SciFest is co-arranged by Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Here, curious people of all ages can test and get a taste of research and its applications in all fields of science. Exhibitors and participants at SciFest come from schools and universities as well as companies, authorities, museums and organizations. We especially want to get young people to ask the big questions, take part in the latest research, test themselves and discover how fun and interesting it is with science and knowledge. Many of the participants in the program are students, young researchers and innovators who can more easily contribute to inspiring other young people.

Organisers, sponsors and partners

SciFest is arranged by SLU and Uppsala University and has several sponsors and partners. Is your organization interested in becoming a financier or partner? Contact us at scifest@uu.se.

SciFest finansiärer och samarbetspartners är






Uppsala University is licensed to use the SciFest® brand, which is owned by UEF (University of Eastern Finland).

Last modified: 2024-03-07